Well, I guess that’s it.

You might’ve guessed. This blog has been inactive for a long time. Fantage hasn’t had any events (that I know of), and the latest updates weren’t exactly the best. Fantage is just… boring. I myself haven’t logged on in months.

I’m officially quitting. Fantage, and this blog. It was fun, but now… It’s boring, and posting new events seems almost like a chore.

Or, as Serena/Waterfairy would put it, “Fantage sucks”.

Serena has moved on – she plays Aura Kingdom now. I do a mixture of Minecraft, Youtube, and fanfiction.

Goodbye to all of you guys, if you’re still reading this blog. Love you all, it’s been fun ❤


Candy Cane Hunt Results!

The candy cane scavenger hunt is over!

(Click here to see the original post.)

Congratulations to everyone who joined 😀
(Cheeselinamouse, Piano Music, Imy3672, Dolly11118, Redsparkle123, Math10000)

Now for the winners (and prizes!)…

Third place winner is…



Note: This is a starred, member item.

Second place winner is…



Adorable Pigtails

And for the first place winner…

Dolly11118 (Jesi)!


Purple Midnight Hair

Email Cindy to get your prize!

Note: Jesi/Dolly11118, If you don’t want Purple Midnight Hair and you want one of the other two prizes, just include that in your email 🙂

Congrats everyone!

New Clothes 2015

Fantage added new items to the shops:

new clothes

This new format looks so… futuristic. I like it 🙂


The model on the far right is the nonmember model. Everything else is member.

Last time Fantage released new clothes, there was a trick to getting them for free, but that trick doesn’t work anymore.


My personal favorites are the hair on the second model (with earrings) and the MP3 player on the nonmember model.

And it might be just me, but the first model’s earrings… Are they in the Shadowhunter rune shape? (The Mortal Instruments)



The clothes definitely look better than the older clothes. They look a bit more modern. My favorite has to be the first model’s outfit ^_^


I ate your cake

New Year 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

whatever michelle
ew year

Ball Drop

This year (for some reason), the annual ball drop is happening on the Beach instead of the Castle (probably because Fantage took away the area between the Castle Bridge and the inside…)

ball drop

The ball drop will happen at midnight 2015.


Oh whoops it happens a minute before midnight

And after that time, you can simply click on the ball to drop it.


Yep, you can laugh out loud while you drop the ball.

Fireworks at Beach

You can shoot the fireworks next to the ball drop…


Or you can buy personal fireworks to shoot wherever you want.


In my opinion, 20 gold is really not worth it, even if other people can see it.

Free Gift

When you log on, you get a free New Year’s gift.

free gift

New Year’s Resolution

This is pretty much just a piece of paper you can print out to write your resolutions on. It’s much easier to just write them on a piece of line paper, or online.

 I’m not a fan of this “event.” The free item isn’t my style but at least it’s something for everyone. Also, who would spend 20 gold on fireworks? ._. It’s not worth it. 


There’s really nothing to do, so yeah… At least we get a free item 😛


Candy Cane Hunt

IMPORTANT: Remember to EMAIL the locations. I will not accept comments.

And in your email, remember to include your WordPress/Fantage username.

HO HO *starts coughing*

~several coughs later…~

*clears throat*

Hey guys. Merry Christmas! I hope you’re enjoying your winter break, because I certainly am. I decided to have a candy cane hunt (there’s prizes). Hey, it’s the season of giving, why not?


In this hunt, you have to find as many candy canes, holly berries, stars, and snowflakes as possible. They are all hidden around the blog.  Each “item” is worth a certain amount of points. The items can be in posts, pages, and comments.




There will be 10 candy canes, 8 holly berries, 5 stars, and 2 snowflakes.

This scavenger hunt will last until January 10th. Happy hunting 😉


Once you have found all of them, OR as much as you could find, e-mail Cindy a list of the locations of the items you’ve found. You can either give us the link OR the post/page name.


1. holly berry; http://www.potatoes.com/example

2. candy cane; http://www.cheesecake.com/example

Cindy’s email is cindy_lee_9@hotmail.com.


(You have to have gold to redeem your prizes. These prizes will be posted at minimum price, no refunds.)

The prizes are secret 😉

Good luck everyone!

Happy Holidays!

CHEAT: (credits to kendiecake) To get last year’s prize from Santa, go to the Spanish server and click on Santa there!

santa's gift

Fantage now has 30 million users (I bet most of them are spare accounts, but whatever), so we all get a free board!

30 mil

And there’s a new Christmas event:


Like every event, there are limited items.

limited items

They’re only for members, so you can’t use the tab trick 😦

In Mt. Fantage, there’s a decorated tree that you can click on to get either a Snowman Face or a Snowman Nose.

christmas tree

You can use one face and one nose to build a snowman and get a prize.


Most of the time the prize is a sticker or a gem.
You can get a medal from it too, one level (max is 99).
You can also get Cody’s Crazy Combo’s Coupons.
I’ve seen some people get moodies.  moodiemoodymood moodimooddmooddymoddybear
There’s an item that you might get too.
Plus, there’s a small chance to get gold (if you built the 1,000th, 5,000th, or 10,000th snowman).

Other possible prizes: Red Reindeer Antlers, Green Reindeer

Green Reindeer

There’s a Polar Express, to take you to Mt. Fantage. The map is faster, this bus is just for fun.


On Christmas, Santa will appear in his cabin to give a gift.



There’s also a raffle, for the brick set.



If you’re on Fantage at the time of the raffles (6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00 pm FST, or Eastern Time), you have a chance of winning the overpriced brick set, and therefore getting the outfit and board also.
out brd

Winners will be posted on the Official Fantage Blog.

There’s this outfit in Collection that I don’t recognize…


Furry Toque hat, Winter Warmer Coat, Snow Leggings, Winter Snow Boots

It’s possible that they’re prizes from the tree, but I think they’re something else. Maybe items for a later event?

Our opinions:

This year’s Christmas event seems kind of… boring, I guess. You just stand around and click on the tree every fifteen minutes, that’s really all you can do… ~Cindy

This is not Fantage’s best event, but at least it’s something. I really hope Santa’s gift from last year isn’t reused :/ ~waterfairy66

Happy Holidays everyone! 😀